The First Family took patriotism to a new level with their White House Gala for America’s under-appreciated heroes.

These people work tirelessly to make our communities great. Often, they do it silently, where nobody notices their contribution.

But our White House has and they threw them a gala event in thanks.

A wonderful tribute to our military mothers & spouses at the @WhiteHouse today. Thank you to all who came to celebrate & to the United States Army Chorus for an amazing performance!

Wow – that is so moving. Thank you for honoring, President and First Lady!

They celebrated the event with a performance from the United States Army Chorus.

It was such a special night to thank those who support our brave men and women in the Armed Forces. These mothers and wives give up a lot so that our nation is safe.

Imagine what a mom goes through, saying goodbye to their sons and daughters who join the military. Yet day in and day out, they continue to support their families at home, as their children are fighting the good fight.

The same goes for wives and spouses of our soldiers. They keep the home fires burning as their loved ones are stationed overseas.

They give up much so that we are free. Yet, they are rarely acknowledged or thanked.

President Trump and Melania changed all that with this special night. It is further proof that the First Family will do everything they can to honor Americans. Especially those who give their all.

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