Just when you thought Democrats were as far left as they could go, they find more room. Rep. Bobby Rush from Illinois has a “great” new idea for battling the virus.

He’s named the bill “6666” awfully close to an infamous number, huh? But it gets worse.

What he plans to do is downright Soviet, and a little devilish.

From the Washington Times:

According to H.R. 6666’s text: The taxpayer funds will be used to “trace and monitor the contacts of infected individuals, and to support the quarantine of such contacts, through mobile health units and, as necessary … at [citizens’] residences.”

Rush’s new bill, numbered 6666, will use tax dollars to monitor Americans infected with the disease.

It appears this bill would empower the federal government to demand you take a test. If you’re positive, they will then have the power to monitor your movements and force you to quarantine.

Pretty drastic measures for a disease with a low death rate and readily available treatments.

Many are asking a reasonable question: how will the government enforce such a measure?

Will they force their way into our homes? Demand we take a test before we can go back to work?

How will they “monitor” us (a direct violation of our rights)? Through our phones? Will they spy on our GPS apps?

What will they do if they catch us outside of quarantine? Hammer our doors shut like they did in China?

This bill, beyond its ominous name, raises too many questions. The fact that a Democrat thinks this is an appropriate move to battle a flu-like disease is chilling.

I guess he’s been reading Saul Alinsky’s book. Or Stalin’s.

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